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01 Feb 2014
A recent scientific study conducted by researchers from the Johns Hopkins Center for Medical Research in the United States for new and exciting information about losing weight and getting rid of excess fat, especially around the abdomen, which exist or what is known as the "rumen."

The researchers pointed out that losing weight and getting rid of excess fat, especially around the abdomen, either through diet tight or through exercise and aerobic limits of sleep disorders and symptoms associated with infecting people obese or overweight, and raises the chances to take advantage of human sleep and feeling comfortable and physical activity during the next day.

Among the most prominent sleep disorders, which helps weight loss in the...

01 Feb 2014
Natural recipes are endless, but it is not all of which comes the result required, so it has to be the experience of many of the recipes until access to the natural ingredients, which are consistent with the nature of your hair and so if you would like to get guaranteed results last for a long time and at the lowest possible cost.

The recipes brings you some of these components may be somewhat shocking, but it is often futile, so do not hesitate to follow, alone endurance and perseverance to repeat prescriptions regardless of the difficulty or ease.

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Among the natural ingredients, which studies have proven its effectiveness on the hair, onions, which often use by women in the treatment of chronic hair loss problem, and in...

01 Feb 2014
The sunflower oil, moisturizer gorgeous hair in nature, especially dry hair, you can do without it for many of the lotions in charge, and that may hurt your hair more than his testimony, it adds harmful chemicals many of your head, but this simple treatment is costly, it is the most secure.
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 The results will amaze you, and will not cost you a lot, it wrinkles your hair dry, silky, smooth, and easy to control it, and do not leave a negative impact on the scalp or the hair itself.

Preparation time: 3 minutes
Preparation time: 45 minutes
Total: 48 minutes
Sunflower oil (you can also use virgin coconut oil or safflower oil)
Warm wet towel
Setting method:
Soak your hair with water, put a quarter of the...

01 Feb 2014
Sometimes we fail to achieve something, or we lose someone dear much and can cause us to lose the happiness and feeling sad interim sometimes and at other times be permanently affected by severe crises that we have experienced in our lives, all of them are feeling do not know Do not sadness or depression?

Are temporary sadness and sorrow will end or take months and years.
There are explanations and many symptoms differentiate between sadness and depression, noting that the sadness condition temporary exposed to any individual of people as a result of frustration or failure for not achieving a goal or a particular purpose or lost an important person, a short-term temporary condition does not cause any malfunction with the work or social...

01 Feb 2014
You can through a healthy diet eliminate the problem of oily hair forever, it was that studies have shown that a large proportion of the problem of oily hair back to poor nutrition and excessive intake of unhealthy foods and saturated fats, which increase the activity in the head glands secreting oils.

Here's diet guide is dedicated to women with greasy hair and contributes to the reduction of the secretion of fatty oils scalp texture and get you healthy and beautiful hair.

Eat foods rich in vitamin B
Vitamin B complex one the most important vitamins treatment to the problem of oily hair, which includes vitamins (B 1), (b 2), (6), has proven scientific research that communion saturated for B vitamins, especially vitamin B2 (riboflavin),...

01 Feb 2014
 Vegetables, which melts the fat and purified from liver toxins
We can say: The family crusade of the most important vegetable in getting rid of fat, which contains sulfur materials that will work on the expansion of the arteries, veins and cleaned of fat.
Asparagus (Poly diuretic, detoxifying):
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Works to fight water retention body to his riches in potassium and is poor in sodium, and contains amino acids (enter accelerate metabolism prevents and dissolves fat) derived from the name helps to prevent fatigue, contains a substance lanolin works to feed the beneficial bacteria in the large intestine, as is a good source of material glutathione, which eliminates free radicals, also contains vitamin AC

How to eat: steamed...

31 Jan 2014
There are several tips traded in Dieting and Fitness, is in fact not true at all and do not achieve the desired goal, including some false beliefs that belong to food-specific, such that it must be included in any diet to lose excess weight quickly, while the opposite is true Exactly!

These are some bad advice circulating about foods that excess weight and burn fat.
Dried fruits
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Often, what is recommended diet focusing on eating dried fruits, as in fewer calories than allowed by mixing the components with different food, but the surprise is that this is not true at all!
If we took the pills raisins example will show clearly the difference, as the dried fruits are usually significantly smaller in size than the...

31 Jan 2014
French fries and Donuts:
Despite the taste of fried potatoes and delicious Donuts, they are simply considered to be enemies of agility since them components in the oil and sugar, which is an essential element in them.
Experts say that eating is one of the fries is more dangerous than drinking one cigarette, The Donuts average calories per piece ranges between 200-300 calories. They are made up of sugar and a little food value.

Canned fruit juice:
It is known that the sugar found in fruit pieces called "fructose", which is less dangerous than sucrose, which increases the level of sugar in the blood, but there are some fruits that contain a high percentage of sugar that appears clearly in the taste, such as dates and bananas and mangoes and...

31 Jan 2014
Who among us does not love a slim body free of disease, but we unfortunately do not realize we are dealing with many of the foods that we know it without really harmful to our health, and caused us to obesity and chronic diseases, perhaps in the long run. White rice:

The white rice from dangerous foods that make you feel hungry after a short period of addressed, and as a result it helps to increase the percentage of sugar in the blood, which reduces the rate of insulin infusion and increases the rate of absorption of glucose in the blood fast food and you are hungry.

Sweetened breakfast cereals:
Do not forget when buying breakfast cereals to read out the ingredients written on the packaging of the back, to it a few beads of calories,...

31 Jan 2014
Are you looking for an easy way to lose weight? We brought you to this program is that it is simple and successful. Here's the program
All you need is a simple plan to be in a two-step

(1) Spend more time in the Running
(2) Focus on a few dietary changes, which can achieve significant results in weight loss.
We have prepared a list of some healthy foods that you can insert into your diet to achieve results in an easy. Those foods will help to reduce 100 calories more per meal. For example, if you're taking those foods three times a week, you will miss nearly 5 pounds of weight.
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NATIONAL then work another change in your diet, and will you lose 10 pounds of weight. Here's a program organizes your meals.
But not...