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22 Jan 2014
Fibers can not be digested by the body, in fact - is, therefore, an invaluable weapon in the fight against excess weight on this diet .
Detoxification and weight loss
This diet fibers , rather than less oil . Research shows that the most important fiber diet that we need every day, at least 30 grams of fibers . Now want to be free , this diet is for you .
 useful tips
Setting should be 30 grams of fiber daily . This setting daily calorie diet for women, 1000-1250 , and 1500 is for men . The main sources of fiber rye bread, pasta , baked potatoes , lentils , corn , salad , fresh and dried fruits .
 high fiber foods is invaluable weapon in the fight against overweight .
 fewer Calories
Broccoli , peppers , asparagus , tomatoes , cucumbers , cauliflower , lettuce - they are rich in calories and more fiber .

There are many opportunities to prepare fiber rich food : sandwiches , soup, baked dishes , potato dishes , salads , desserts , vegetarian dishes . Weekly weight loss would be 1.4 kg . If you want to keep your weight at a certain level throughout your life you should follow some principles : Try rye products (bread , pasta ) and eat a lot of fruit .

Every day, do not forget to take a mixture of fibers : cereals, nuts and dried fruits . This will give your body 200 kcal and 15 g fiber .

½ servings of fiber -rich mixture
140 g skimmed milk
300 g canned lentil soup
2 piece fiber -rich bread upon the fitness of yeast extract
A piece of orange
Watercress and fresh herbs baked omelet
115 g fresh or frozen green peas
Less than 220 grams of sugar syrup peaches for dessert
The rest of the fiber mixture
140 grams of milk
Pear or apple


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