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31 Jan 2014
May be used to hear that toxins and diseases everywhere around you, but the last thing you expect is the presence of these toxins in intake of vegetables and fruit, so it seems strange at first glance, so give us a public health consultant and Specialist Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology and liver, list six foods is not free any of them home and research revealed that it contains a deadly poison.

1 Potato:
Containing potatoes on small amounts of a chemical produced known as concentrated this article in the stalk and leaves, and buds (also known as the eye), and produces potatoes of these materials as a natural way to resist fungi and insects that may parasitize or feed on them, with the growth of the potato pile this article, which cause a color change to green, each containing tuber potato approximately 8-13 mg, but if arrived content to 200 mg, it would cause poisoning, Therefore, eat more potatoes old, or making a drink of potatoes drenched leaves, causing hallucinations, hypothermia, nausea, and disruptions in the nervous system, and in some cases lead to death.

2 Cashews:
Contains cashew oil, which is the same oil found in the plant toxic, this causes the oil to irritability, which is one of the most toxic substances effective on the face of the earth, and if the presence high concentration may lead to death, and contains cashews on this article, but only a lot of eaten in large quantities, have an impact.

3 Egg whites:
If you love eating an omelet, make sure you cook it well before eating, contains egg whites on inhibitors, which prevent the body to digest protein and lead to death slowly, as well as lima beans contain these substances also.

4. Kidney beans Shape:
Kidney beans contain a substance form and it is harmful to cause a thinning of the cell membranes making them unable to fend off unwanted items and allow them to enter it, which leads to the loss of an individual's ability to control their bodily functions. For this, we find that in the case of poisoning, the first symptoms are vomiting and diarrhea.
This article also causes indirect division of cells. Show these symptoms after eating a handful of beads beans. It is recognized that cooking beans well at a temperature of over 100 degrees, insufficient to destroy these toxic substances, but as kidney beans remain questionable advised in a vase for a period of not less than five hours before cooking, and disposal of water produced after that, and not used .

5. Fruit group:
Almond, cherry, apple, plum and a lot of the seeds of these fruits is not dangerous in itself, but it contains the same danger, seeds of all this fruit when crushed or even when rubbing, produces a hydrogen cyanide (hydrogen cyanide), and this article is the same material that was are granted for spies to kill themselves if captured and revealed their secret, and often This article was prepared from crushed almonds, and hydrogen cyanide another common name, a historic Prussian acid (prussic acid).

6. Different types of vegetables
Contains all of the cabbage normal, cabbage (cabbage used in power), and broccoli, and Brussels sprouts, spinach, as well as peaches, strawberries, and pears, as well as cauliflower, and bamboo, and soy materials caused irritation of the thyroid gland and prevent them iodine, it is also cause with the passage of time.


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