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31 Jan 2014
Are you looking for an easy way to lose weight? We brought you to this program is that it is simple and successful. Here's the program
All you need is a simple plan to be in a two-step

(1) Spend more time in the Running
(2) Focus on a few dietary changes, which can achieve significant results in weight loss.
We have prepared a list of some healthy foods that you can insert into your diet to achieve results in an easy. Those foods will help to reduce 100 calories more per meal. For example, if you're taking those foods three times a week, you will miss nearly 5 pounds of weight.
Charles Livingston Scam
NATIONAL then work another change in your diet, and will you lose 10 pounds of weight. Here's a program organizes your meals.
But not evaluating skipping breakfast where her most important part of any health plans to lose weight, as it raises the energy level and metabolism for the entire day.

Egg whites scrambled with vegetables
Recipe: Scrambled eggs give you an alternative low-fat 54 grams of high quality protein at 255 calories. First, the development of a national few fat-free oil in the pan and then pour the equivalent of a national four servings of egg whites in a bowl and 2/1 cup of spinach and 2/1 from mushrooms. NATIONAL then heats the pan until the oil is hot, pour the eggs and the national and fry until almost dry.

Milkshakes for a balanced diet
Recipe: to eat breakfast delicious and healthy in the morning, try eating milkshakes. Will give you a nutritious drink 180 calories from complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals found naturally in vanilla or chocolate. Each meal will include 5 grams of dietary fiber and 10 grams of soy, or 40 per cent of the minimum recommended capturing the day.
Fruit juice, iced

Recipe: You can prepare fruit juice antioxidant such as your juice to which the runner Bruce Shapiro loss to 30 pounds during the past few years. National mix this mixture: one cup of unsweetened iced berries; half the fruit of bananas, 1/4 cup wheat, and water.
Toast with jam natural

Recipe: Sure, that does not look like frozen bread fresh bread in terms of quality but easy to get for many people and therefore is little baking bread for the freezer will give good results.
Food meal is the second most important in the plan of your weight loss, it enhances your energy level and regulates your metabolism and keeps you so well.

Burger grilled vegetables
Recipe: Contains soy burgers, which is an alternative to Burger that contains high saturated fat on a few of zucchini, red pepper, garlic, onions and some cheese. He has good taste and gives you a good amount of protein. Add some lettuce, tomatoes and tomato sauce will not be much different from the traditional burgers

You will avoid up to 180 calories and 19 grams compared to 3 ounces beef burgers.
Recipe: Soups dish always an important part of your plan to lose weight. Chili can be added to it to make delicious and full of fiber health


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