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31 Jan 2014
Who among us does not love a slim body free of disease, but we unfortunately do not realize we are dealing with many of the foods that we know it without really harmful to our health, and caused us to obesity and chronic diseases, perhaps in the long run. White rice:

The white rice from dangerous foods that make you feel hungry after a short period of addressed, and as a result it helps to increase the percentage of sugar in the blood, which reduces the rate of insulin infusion and increases the rate of absorption of glucose in the blood fast food and you are hungry.

Sweetened breakfast cereals:
Do not forget when buying breakfast cereals to read out the ingredients written on the packaging of the back, to it a few beads of calories, usually when breakfast cereals think it is a healthy meal free of any components increase the weight, but you do when you read what it is written on the packaging discovering they contain a high sugar!.

Therefore, the best choice of all is to buy a breakfast cereal that contains 13 grams of sugar with a gram of fiber, 2 grams protein, provided with milk. You also could try to buy breakfast cereals of oats or whole grain scattering with some cut fruit from the top, it is the perfect choice to lose weight.

Snack "Snack":
Snacks problems dilemma really, as it includes many of the snacks "Snack" to a small percentage of protein and fat, which does not happen with a balanced carbohydrate intake with them, the result will be loss of energy from the body quickly.
Thus, when you feel that your body become weak and you need energy to continue today, it becomes eat more food is for more vigor and vitality, to do any good in the end you're taking large amounts of calories during the day.
Cookies and candy bars:

Contain cookies and candy bars small a high percentage of sugar, sugar, ranging from 37 - 66.6 per 100 grams of cookies or candy bars, so make sure to deal with the nuts.

Dish of jelly sweets my favorite everyone, but should note well that most types of jelly in the market, contain 19 grams of carbohydrates extracted from sugar, of course.


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