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31 Jan 2014
French fries and Donuts:
Despite the taste of fried potatoes and delicious Donuts, they are simply considered to be enemies of agility since them components in the oil and sugar, which is an essential element in them.
Experts say that eating is one of the fries is more dangerous than drinking one cigarette, The Donuts average calories per piece ranges between 200-300 calories. They are made up of sugar and a little food value.

Canned fruit juice:
It is known that the sugar found in fruit pieces called "fructose", which is less dangerous than sucrose, which increases the level of sugar in the blood, but there are some fruits that contain a high percentage of sugar that appears clearly in the taste, such as dates and bananas and mangoes and figs and grapes, and fruits that contain a low percentage of sugar are berries, orange, grapefruit and lemon and strawberry and others.

While the rate of sugar in dried fruit and canned fruit juices have a higher sugar found in fresh fruits, fruit drying process where water from the inside out, leaving the berry sugar with a highly concentrated, and the work is canned juice to get rid of the fiber in the fruit.

Therefore, nutrition experts advise eating grains or fruit drink fresh juice, until you have all the nutritional values in the fruit, with controlling the amount of sugar in the juice.

Scientific studies have shown that people who drink to drink soda, they are more prone to later heart disease and tooth erosion and obesity, and energy drinks called sports drinks are also working on the erosion of the teeth due to its high sugar content.
That is why experts advise drinking water and milk, a better understanding can be dealt with two drinks between meals.
Chinese noodles, "noodles":

Make Chinese noodles from flour and water, and are forming the dough in the form of spiral shapes or "small tubes," and then subjected to steam and fry a little to get rid of the moisture, and finally packed in bags and are sold with a small bag of spices that contain different flavors such as "shrimp, chicken or beef or mushrooms.
The danger lies in the spice bag containing 1560 grams of sodium, while scientific studies say that the human body needs from 1200 to 1440 grams of sodium only.

In some cases contain noodles to 3000 grams of sodium, because they have been exposed to more than frying, making it not contain high nutritional value, the major disaster that are not known to many is that the spice bag contains a so-called "salt or sodium acid, "which causes long-term Alzheimer's disease.


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