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31 Jan 2014
There are several tips traded in Dieting and Fitness, is in fact not true at all and do not achieve the desired goal, including some false beliefs that belong to food-specific, such that it must be included in any diet to lose excess weight quickly, while the opposite is true Exactly!

These are some bad advice circulating about foods that excess weight and burn fat.
Dried fruits
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Often, what is recommended diet focusing on eating dried fruits, as in fewer calories than allowed by mixing the components with different food, but the surprise is that this is not true at all!
If we took the pills raisins example will show clearly the difference, as the dried fruits are usually significantly smaller in size than the conventional in case it fresh, which increases the concentration of sugar and calories contained in each pill.
And where a quarter cup of dried fruit equals the usual about 100 calories, while the calories they contain fresh fruit at the same time does not exceed 25 calories!, Because it is simple and is not focused and small in size as its counterpart, the initial.

Provides tips that you without having to be based on a scientific fact, stay away from coffee with flavors such as vanilla or hazelnut and otherwise, considering how much they increase the calories in the body.
This is the second fact wrong in the world of diet, coffee contains the usual ratio of sugar, which gives the body about 100 calories, while the coffee flavors contain calories no more than 5 calories!

Coconut milk
Some think that coconut milk raw, which is known thickness of texture is less in terms of calories for the rest of the different types of milk.
But the problem lies coconut milk raw, in that it contains 450 calories and 50 grams of fat per cup, making it significantly saturated fat.
While the coconut juice and taken directly from the heart of coconuts after the break, contains only 45 calories per cup.
Also available in the market coconut milk is local, which is also a good choice, since it has only 50 calories per cup.
Drops of vinegar!
Although the tips are common in the area of the burning of body fat, is a lot of scattering drops of vinegar on the dishes before eating to activate the burning process, which makes you many drops of vinegar to that advice.
These drops can serve as doses body fat gain more than 100 calories per two tablespoons of it, which is the same amount that you can, get them when eating Cream Sauce!
Therefore, nutrition experts advise, not to dispense cooking balsamic vinegar, which contains a large spoon it on only 10 calories.
Frozen foods diet
Often of the burden of preparing healthy foods, to buy frozen diet foods available on the market, on the grounds that they were noodles at the same time does not contain calories.
While the fact that these foods contain sodium (salt) high, which increases the weight as a result of the reduction of the water inside the body other than to make your look swollen, so I try as much as possible and prepare your meals on your own health.


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