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01 Feb 2014
Sometimes we fail to achieve something, or we lose someone dear much and can cause us to lose the happiness and feeling sad interim sometimes and at other times be permanently affected by severe crises that we have experienced in our lives, all of them are feeling do not know Do not sadness or depression?

Are temporary sadness and sorrow will end or take months and years.
There are explanations and many symptoms differentiate between sadness and depression, noting that the sadness condition temporary exposed to any individual of people as a result of frustration or failure for not achieving a goal or a particular purpose or lost an important person, a short-term temporary condition does not cause any malfunction with the work or social relationships.

The depression is a disease myself overcome by the nature of grief and the loss of hope and happiness for anything of the things which lead to happiness previously, pointing out that the symptoms that indicate depression, many of them feeling sad depression and distress, despair, loss of ability to enjoy life's pleasures and uncontrollable appetite accompanied by loss appetite with weight loss.

An updated modern symptoms that indicate depression, including sleep disturbance increase or decrease with suffering from bad dreams and sleep anxiety, decreased locomotor activity, energy, and the patient's sense of laziness and the speed of fatigue, difficulty concentrating, lack of ability to think regulator causing frequent and the failure of some students or the failure of some staff in the performance of their business.

And often increases the feeling of guilt and sin and not the value of self, despite the lack of committing the patient to any business calls for feelings of guilt this, but he believes that he is responsible for everything that happens around him from misfortunes and sins, and frequent thoughts about death, and not to the value of life, and the absurdity of existence, and wished death but sometimes suicide.


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