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01 Feb 2014
A recent scientific study conducted by researchers from the Johns Hopkins Center for Medical Research in the United States for new and exciting information about losing weight and getting rid of excess fat, especially around the abdomen, which exist or what is known as the "rumen."

The researchers pointed out that losing weight and getting rid of excess fat, especially around the abdomen, either through diet tight or through exercise and aerobic limits of sleep disorders and symptoms associated with infecting people obese or overweight, and raises the chances to take advantage of human sleep and feeling comfortable and physical activity during the next day.

Among the most prominent sleep disorders, which helps weight loss in the reduction: insomnia, apnea sudden during sleep, insomnia, feeling sleepy and tired throughout the day and sleep in excess of the limit which is a good thing by all accounts, where improves sleep quality of human health, physical, mental and raise the efficiency of the vascular system and the gory and the heart, while the cause of chronic sleep disorders in raising the chances of developing high blood pressure and chronic heart attack, stroke, irregular heartbeat longer, and obesity is a major cause of sleep disturbances.

The broadcast of these results was in the scientific conference held by the American Heart Association in the city of Los Angeles.


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