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01 Feb 2014
 Vegetables, which melts the fat and purified from liver toxins
We can say: The family crusade of the most important vegetable in getting rid of fat, which contains sulfur materials that will work on the expansion of the arteries, veins and cleaned of fat.
Asparagus (Poly diuretic, detoxifying):
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Works to fight water retention body to his riches in potassium and is poor in sodium, and contains amino acids (enter accelerate metabolism prevents and dissolves fat) derived from the name helps to prevent fatigue, contains a substance lanolin works to feed the beneficial bacteria in the large intestine, as is a good source of material glutathione, which eliminates free radicals, also contains vitamin AC

How to eat: steamed...

31 Jan 2014
French fries and Donuts:
Despite the taste of fried potatoes and delicious Donuts, they are simply considered to be enemies of agility since them components in the oil and sugar, which is an essential element in them.
Experts say that eating is one of the fries is more dangerous than drinking one cigarette, The Donuts average calories per piece ranges between 200-300 calories. They are made up of sugar and a little food value.

Canned fruit juice:
It is known that the sugar found in fruit pieces called "fructose", which is less dangerous than sucrose, which increases the level of sugar in the blood, but there are some fruits that contain a high percentage of sugar that appears clearly in the taste, such as dates and bananas and mangoes and...

31 Jan 2014
Who among us does not love a slim body free of disease, but we unfortunately do not realize we are dealing with many of the foods that we know it without really harmful to our health, and caused us to obesity and chronic diseases, perhaps in the long run. White rice:

The white rice from dangerous foods that make you feel hungry after a short period of addressed, and as a result it helps to increase the percentage of sugar in the blood, which reduces the rate of insulin infusion and increases the rate of absorption of glucose in the blood fast food and you are hungry.

Sweetened breakfast cereals:
Do not forget when buying breakfast cereals to read out the ingredients written on the packaging of the back, to it a few beads of calories,...

31 Jan 2014
May be used to hear that toxins and diseases everywhere around you, but the last thing you expect is the presence of these toxins in intake of vegetables and fruit, so it seems strange at first glance, so give us a public health consultant and Specialist Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology and liver, list six foods is not free any of them home and research revealed that it contains a deadly poison.

1 Potato:
Containing potatoes on small amounts of a chemical produced known as concentrated this article in the stalk and leaves, and buds (also known as the eye), and produces potatoes of these materials as a natural way to resist fungi and insects that may parasitize or feed on them, with the growth of the potato pile this article, which...

30 Jan 2014
Stop for training nursing students
Fifteen of the seventeen college degree nursing students have a plug set because of the large influx of students.
Due to the huge popularity of the study and the cuts in health care threatens a shortage of training places, writes Trout Friday.
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Nursing this year with more than five thousand entries, the most popular program
That's about 29 percent more than a year earlier.

The fifteen courses are set a quota for the coming academic year, leaving several dozen students is accepted in total. Less
Caroline van Merlo, president of the National Education Consultation Nursing, reacts in a newspaper distributed in the massive growth. Due to the contraction in many healthcares they...

30 Jan 2014
Widen target breast cancer'
Elderly Organization Union KBO wants that women over 75 years receive an invitation to a breast cancer research
Now get only women between 50 and 75 years every two years unit dogging to make. Breast photo
That the Union CBE said Friday.

 According to the organization, breast cancer is often detected at a later age. The older organization considering starting a petition On According to the Health Council by the breast cancer annually 775 deaths from the disease occur.
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Inspection Company pays PIP victims
German testing company TÜV Rhineland pay about 1700 women with breast implants from the French brand PIP compensation of 3,400 Euros.
That commitment is necessary because a court in...

29 Jan 2014
Vascular dementia affects altered bodies in altered means and the acceleration of the progression varies from being to person. Some affection may be agnate to those of added types of dementia and usually reflect accretion adversity to accomplish accustomed activities like eating, dressing, or shopping.Behavioral and concrete affection can appear on badly or actual gradually, although it appears that a abiding aeon of TIAs—the mini-strokes discussed above—leads to a bit-by-bit abatement in memory, admitting a bigger achievement can aftermath abstruse affection immediately.

Regardless of the amount of appearance, vascular dementia about progresses in a stepwise fashion, area lapses in anamnesis and acumen abilities are followed by...

29 Jan 2014
Stress is all-important for life. You charge accent for creativity, learning, and your actual survival. Accent is alone adverse if it becomes cutting and interrupts the advantageous accompaniment of calm that your afraid arrangement needs to abide in balance. Unfortunately, cutting accent has become an added accepted appropriate of abreast life.

If stressors bandy your afraid arrangement out of balance, alleviation techniques can accompany it aback into a counterbalanced accompaniment by bearing the alleviation response, a accompaniment of abysmal calmness that is the arctic adverse of the accent response.

When accent overwhelms your afraid arrangement your physique is abounding with chemicals that adapt you for "fight or flight." While...

22 Jan 2014
Vegetarians range of food items provides all the necessary diet of the human organism .

meatless diet

In recent years, in favor of less trivial action nutrition and lifestyle has become generally accepted .
Tips for Switching to a healthy vegetarian diet . Doctors recommend that you go to a vegetarian diet .
The main requirement of the diet consists of meat in any way . Cheese , eggs and legumes are also rich source of protein is considered .
The Natural Diet Plan explores the natural foods in the diet .

Make Weight Loss
Making any change in diet , especially in the start-up phase , which leads to a decrease in weight , but keeping it serious Avoid vegetarian diet guarantees a permanent reduction .

 During the last two decades of scientific...

22 Jan 2014
Fibers can not be digested by the body, in fact - is, therefore, an invaluable weapon in the fight against excess weight on this diet .
Detoxification and weight loss
This diet fibers , rather than less oil . Research shows that the most important fiber diet that we need every day, at least 30 grams of fibers . Now want to be free , this diet is for you .
 useful tips
Setting should be 30 grams of fiber daily . This setting daily calorie diet for women, 1000-1250 , and 1500 is for men . The main sources of fiber rye bread, pasta , baked potatoes , lentils , corn , salad , fresh and dried fruits .
 high fiber foods is invaluable weapon in the fight against overweight .
 fewer Calories
Broccoli , peppers , asparagus , tomatoes ,...