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01 Feb 2014
Sometimes we fail to achieve something, or we lose someone dear much and can cause us to lose the happiness and feeling sad interim sometimes and at other times be permanently affected by severe crises that we have experienced in our lives, all of them are feeling do not know Do not sadness or depression?

Are temporary sadness and sorrow will end or take months and years.
There are explanations and many symptoms differentiate between sadness and depression, noting that the sadness condition temporary exposed to any individual of people as a result of frustration or failure for not achieving a goal or a particular purpose or lost an important person, a short-term temporary condition does not cause any malfunction with the work or social...

01 Feb 2014
You can through a healthy diet eliminate the problem of oily hair forever, it was that studies have shown that a large proportion of the problem of oily hair back to poor nutrition and excessive intake of unhealthy foods and saturated fats, which increase the activity in the head glands secreting oils.

Here's diet guide is dedicated to women with greasy hair and contributes to the reduction of the secretion of fatty oils scalp texture and get you healthy and beautiful hair.

Eat foods rich in vitamin B
Vitamin B complex one the most important vitamins treatment to the problem of oily hair, which includes vitamins (B 1), (b 2), (6), has proven scientific research that communion saturated for B vitamins, especially vitamin B2 (riboflavin),...