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01 Feb 2014
A recent scientific study conducted by researchers from the Johns Hopkins Center for Medical Research in the United States for new and exciting information about losing weight and getting rid of excess fat, especially around the abdomen, which exist or what is known as the "rumen."

The researchers pointed out that losing weight and getting rid of excess fat, especially around the abdomen, either through diet tight or through exercise and aerobic limits of sleep disorders and symptoms associated with infecting people obese or overweight, and raises the chances to take advantage of human sleep and feeling comfortable and physical activity during the next day.

Among the most prominent sleep disorders, which helps weight loss in the...

01 Feb 2014
Natural recipes are endless, but it is not all of which comes the result required, so it has to be the experience of many of the recipes until access to the natural ingredients, which are consistent with the nature of your hair and so if you would like to get guaranteed results last for a long time and at the lowest possible cost.

The recipes brings you some of these components may be somewhat shocking, but it is often futile, so do not hesitate to follow, alone endurance and perseverance to repeat prescriptions regardless of the difficulty or ease.

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Among the natural ingredients, which studies have proven its effectiveness on the hair, onions, which often use by women in the treatment of chronic hair loss problem, and in...

01 Feb 2014
The sunflower oil, moisturizer gorgeous hair in nature, especially dry hair, you can do without it for many of the lotions in charge, and that may hurt your hair more than his testimony, it adds harmful chemicals many of your head, but this simple treatment is costly, it is the most secure.
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 The results will amaze you, and will not cost you a lot, it wrinkles your hair dry, silky, smooth, and easy to control it, and do not leave a negative impact on the scalp or the hair itself.

Preparation time: 3 minutes
Preparation time: 45 minutes
Total: 48 minutes
Sunflower oil (you can also use virgin coconut oil or safflower oil)
Warm wet towel
Setting method:
Soak your hair with water, put a quarter of the...

31 Jan 2014
There are several tips traded in Dieting and Fitness, is in fact not true at all and do not achieve the desired goal, including some false beliefs that belong to food-specific, such that it must be included in any diet to lose excess weight quickly, while the opposite is true Exactly!

These are some bad advice circulating about foods that excess weight and burn fat.
Dried fruits
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Often, what is recommended diet focusing on eating dried fruits, as in fewer calories than allowed by mixing the components with different food, but the surprise is that this is not true at all!
If we took the pills raisins example will show clearly the difference, as the dried fruits are usually significantly smaller in size than the...

30 Jan 2014
More than 2.3 million digital patient records
More than 2.3 million Dutch people have been given permission to their GP or pharmacy to exchange information with other health care providers through an electronic patient record (LSP). Their medical data

According to figures from the Association of Care Providers of Care Communications (VZVZ took place).
In August last year the count was still at 800,000. VZVZ took suspect that caregivers of patients recently have actively asked for permission, for example, the group of people for a flu shot was called.

Administrative delay would also be eliminated.
Three quarters of GP practices connected to the LSP (National Switch) and 83 percent of the total number of pharmacies in our country. '' It shows...

30 Jan 2014
Youth law is scientifically irresponsible'
Scientists from the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences (KNAW) occurred in an open letter strongly turned against the new youth law.
The transfer of the child and adolescent psychiatry at municipalities, which the government wants, is similar to the incorporation of pediatrics at municipalities, they argue.

According to the Academy, the measure scientifically irresponsible because child psychiatry is inextricably linked with mainstream psychiatry
All the conditions covered by the adult psychiatry, including anxiety disorders, depression and schizophrenia occurs in puberty, the scientists write.

The scientists set themselves the letter behind the petition youth mental health that a group of professors,...